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Tasty Winter Treats

04 Jul 2019

We didn’t have to look far for inspiration when it came to launching a new winter menu – we proudly support the small-production provedores of the Southern Highlands. As a result, it features fresh local produce and quality source ingredients.

The main menu features lamb ribs from ‘Maugers’, veggies from ‘Brillig Farm’, and sausages made with ‘Highlander’ stout by Robertson Village Butcher Shop. There’s also a local flavour to our new bar snacks menu, with ‘Three Mills’ sourdough and ‘Wildes Meadow’ olives.

Be assured, we’ve maintained (and improved) your pub classics – our 400g chicken snitty is now crumbed on-site – but there are bespoke options too. Perhaps you’d like to add beetroot-cured salmon to your fried cauliflower salad? We’re also offering a sumptuous grazing experience, from our shared mixed grill board featuring award-winning local meats, to our indulgent dessert board.      

Our spicy baked lamb meatballs with cheese fondue are proving a hit and the sticky fig pudding is, of course, a favourite on a chilly day when served in front of a roaring fire!