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Since 1887

Where rustic charm meets modern cuisine for an authentic Southern Highlands experience

Steeped in history and renowned for its fine food and friendly atmosphere, “Robbo Pub” will warm your soul. Stay for a quick drink, long lunch, overnight escape or special occasion and tap into a spirited community that has been celebrating here since 1887.

Our Story.

The floorboards creak with stories from yesteryear and while it has undergone numerous name changes since it was built in 1887, the place affectionately known as ‘Robbo Pub’ has been the beating heart of our quaint town for well over a century. As one of the oldest all-timber buildings remaining in NSW it is a custodian of history and, as a watering hole, resting place and social hub, it has shaped and reflected the hard work and dreams and of a resourceful and resilient community.
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